Every shoe has a story March 2018


Paballo (left), graduated BHF sponsored student, holds a diploma in Medical Laboratory Science from the National Health Training Centre in Lesotho. She hopes to become a specialist in hematology. - a vital profession in Lesotho.

Every shoe has a story

In a country with the 2nd highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world and over 150,000 orphans, the most valuable resource of Lesotho are the Basotho people. And behind every Basotho orphan, there is a story, a path their shoes have walked. These stories of overcoming poverty, hunger, disease, and unemployment will not make the nightly news. However, because of your support, many have been heard and been given HOPE. And guess what? This creates a ripple effect - over and over again, we have seen your gift multiplied in the lives of orphans when they give back. Graduated Bountiful Hope students are now teachers, social workers, and accountants. Some are currently studying to become doctors and engineers. Others use vocational skills, such as sewing, to help sustain their families, and several are now mentors in their communities. Behind every BHF orphan’s story, there is a BHF sponsor who left a shoe print of support. Without you, this doesn’t happen. Your support matters! Thank you!


Our Program Manager, Rethabile Evelyn Palo, graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Project Management - a rare feat for a woman in Lesotho. We are so proud of her!

Seshophe (above), graduated BHF sponsored student, now a math teacher at Leqele HS, teaching class with BHF director Bill Bierling (left) sitting in!

Did you know that

Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos wore our name on his cleats in an NFL game this year

for the My Cleats/My Cause Campaign? Thank you Demaryius!



Every shoe has a story

March 2018


How You Can Help

*BH School Tuition Sponsor - $375 provides yearly tuition for an orphan.

*BH School Tuition plus Correspondence Sponsor - $500 provides tuition, care package, uniform, and correspondence with sponsored student.

*BH Teen Mom Correspondence Sponsor - $320 which includes tuition for vocational school, care package, and correspondence with teen Mom.

*BH Employee and Office Sponsor - Any amount to help cover salaries and office rent for our two Basotho BH employees in Lesotho.

For information on other programs including Economic Development, Computer Lab, and College Tuition opportunities, please contact us.

Donate on our website at: bhfound.org or send a check to: 3615 S. Huron St. #208 Englewood, CO 80110

Questions? Email:


Phone: 303-875-3248

Did you know?

-Bountiful Hope was able to donate two Computer Container Classrooms (left) to the charity Help Lesotho who quickly had a waiting list of over 1000 people for their computer and life skills classes! Students (right) are loving it. We are hoping to have one of our own on our land in the Berea district soon!

-80 orphans and vulnerable students received the gift of tuition in order to attend high school last year.

-A former teen mom, ‘Mapoulo, was given seed money to see her dream of owning and operating a catering business become a reality.

-10 teen Moms at the Good Shepherd Centre were provided vocational and/or long distance learning opportunities.

Limpho (left) is a teen mom who is enrolled in the Correspondence Sponsorship program. See her letter of gratitude (below).


December 2016 Newsletter

December 10, 2016

Dear Bountiful Hope Foundation Sponsors,

The holiday season often includes good food, table settings, and decorations that help create a special atmosphere.  This year, because of your support of Mapoulo’s catering business, many Basotho people will experience memorable celebrations as well!  Mapoulo (pictured below) has been able to purchase a variety of catering supplies, which has enabled her business to grow.  Her vision of being able to give back to her community by helping young teen mothers and teaching them catering is closer to being realized because of your generosity.  

Beyond the gift that you gave to Mapoulo, your donations this year provided over 80 orphans an opportunity to attend school. The Bountiful Hope students continue to be overwhelmed that donors would send funds to pay for their education and be interested in their lives.  Many of the Bountiful Hope orphans attended a retreat this year that was held at the Good Shepherd’s Center for Teen Moms.  It was a time of laughter and tears as they gathered with one another to share stories, dance, and sing.  

A highlight this year was that several of the orphans who have graduated came to share their stories.  The graduated students talked about how they now are teachers, accountants, or in collage.  Their testimonies of how they made it through because of the hope that education provided them was powerful beyond measure.  In the social work field this kind of sharing is called “high Impact” sharing, which often brings about great change.   

Another highlight was when a high school group from Holland, Michigan came to spend a day with the Bountiful Hope orphans.  This left a huge impression on all.  Knowing that, even across an ocean, love and care exists, gives an extra dose of strength that is needed.  It takes great courage to be an orphan in Lesotho, especially as a young single mother. 

 Helping one orphan have an opportunity of education, or build a business, or help empower vocational dreams, can change everything!  Beyond the educational and economic programs, Bountiful Hope Foundation, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations in Lesotho, will continue the on-going efforts of the computer lab/center and the purchased land development, while we make sure to lay an infrastructure that will support sustainability and bring about the greatest possible benefit to the vulnerable people of Lesotho.  It is challenging, yet the diligent support received is exciting.

The following are opportunities to contribute if you have not had a chance this year: 

  • Fund one orphan’s tuition for a full school year ($375.00).
  • Provide the student with a school uniform ($75.00).  
  • Supply a student care package of necessities given at beginning of school term ($50.00).
  • Contribute to the vocational programs and land development. 

If you have an interest in volunteering to assist Bountiful Hope Foundation and/or if you are interested in making a trip to Lesotho, Africa, please let us know.  Attached is a thank you note from Moremoholo, who is in 12th grade (Form E) at Auray high school.  He expresses well how your generous support has helped changed his life. 


With hearts of gratitude, 

Cindy Trollinger

Bountiful Hope Foundation