Bountiful Hope Vocational Education Centre


In 2015, Bountiful Hope Foundation purchased about 11 acres of land in the Berea District, about 20 miles outside of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.  This land is strategically located adjacent to the Good Shepherd Health Centre (built by funds from the United States) which offers HIV/AIDS testing, treatment, and education.  The land is also located adjacent to the Good Shepherd Centre for young moms, which is currently run by the Good Shepherd Sisters.


One of the biggest needs in Lesotho is equipping people not only with education, but also with job skills.  In working with the Good Shepherd Centre, Bountiful Hope Foundation has determined that providing vocational education and life skills training, in addition to secondary/high school degrees, will have the greatest impact.  The 11-acre land site will be developed over time to include a catering training facility, a computer lab, a working reception hall, dorms for retreats, and a working farm.  Programs will also incorporate life skills training and HIV/AIDS education.  Students will primarily consist of the young moms, BH orphans, and residents of the surrounding 15 villages.  The goal is to make the facilities self-sustaining with the rental of the reception hall and dorms as well as the sale of crops raised on the land.  

Vocational skills targeted:

  • Catering
  • Computer skills
  • Agriculture


  • Vocational education focused on catering, computer programming, and agricultural sciences.
  • Job skills training including catering, keyboarding, using Microsoft Office, writing resumes, interviewing skills, and job development skills.
  • Support programs for young mothers with continuing vocational and computer education, as well as training in parenting, child development, and health issues such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Intensive leadership development programs for youth, especially orphans, which includes counseling, education and self-management, and empowerment plans.
  • Support programs for area grandparents since many of them are solely responsible for raising their orphaned grandchildren.
  • After-school training for local secondary and high school students.
  • Retreats and conferences for BH orphans as well as area youth.
  • Community rental opportunities for weddings, funerals, and meetings.


  • Begin fundraising in late 2016.
  • Catering facility and computer lab completed by December 2018.
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