Bountiful Hope’s Young Mothers Sponsorship Program

Background:  Many Basotho girls face the prospect of unplanned pregnancies.  Lesotho is besieged by the 2nd highest HIV prevalence rate in the world and immense gender inequality.  As a result, many young girls (many of them teenagers) become pregnant.  Some become pregnant as a result of rape, others after resorting to commercial sex as a way of survival, some out of hopelessness, others due to the lack of healthy role models and adequate education.

Many young mothers have no mothers of their own (orphaned due to HIV/AIDS) and now they are not just left to cope with being mothers themselves, but some are often rejected by society.  Often, they lack basic resources and skills which impacts their own health and the well-being of their babies.  This often leads to deep suffering and desperation.  As a result, these young mothers and their babies are truly among the most vulnerable people of Lesotho.

At the Good Shepherd Centre, Young Mothers have the opportunity of academic and vocational education.  Through a combination of traditional schooling as well as vocational training, young mothers are able continue their schooling and gain life skills that they can use to generate their own income and become self-sufficient to take care of themselves and their child.


Become a Sponsor of a Teen/Young Mother.  

Donate - Bountiful Hope’s Young Mothers Sponsorship Program

Fund one full year of a Teen Mother’s Educational/Vocational Development ($500.00).

*  You will be provided with information on your Young Mother and be able to send letters to and receive letters from the mother.

(see Correspondence Sponsorship Program FAQ page)

Become a Program Supporter:  Enhance the Programs for Young Mothers and their babies.  

The following are future empowering projects that will benefit the Teen/Young Mother’s Program:

Establish a Library, improve the current Preschool (play equipment), construct a Computer lab, upgrade  the Catering Equipment, Sewing Materials, Farm Equipment, and Starter Kits for Mothers who have completed their program and are on their way to become self-sufficient. 

If interested in any of these Young Mother Community enhancement programs/projects which provide added support for the Young Mother/Child, please contact: