Bountiful Hope Educational Program

Beneficiaries - Orphans and Vulnerable Youth

To be given the gift of education is of great value. 

They are easier to forget before you see their faces, they are easier to pretend they are not real before you hear their stories. 

However, once you do, everything changes!

Rational:  Lesotho has the second highest HIV prevalence rate in the world, the result of which is over 125,,000 children being orphaned.  They are among the most affected populations by HIV/AIDS.  Since education is not funded by the government past the 7th grade, a large portion of the population has to quit school because they cannot afford the cost of tuition.   Since 2005, Bountiful Hope Foundation has sponsored over 900 orphans.  While that number is relatively small, the impact to these young women and men has been substantial.  However, we need your support to continue such high impact change in these vulnerable orphans' lives.     

Education: Education not only has a positive influence on individuals, families, and the community at large, it is vital for a person's overall physical, psychological, cognitive, and social well-being.  Children who have the gift of education, become hope providers, leaders, role models, and important community members.  As their confidence, individual autonomy, and creative gifts are nurtured, not only do they grow into leadership roles, their growth positively impacts the communities in which they live.  

When one has the gift of education, it helps to lay a foundation that forms good decision-makers and problem-solvers, which in time will positively influence the development of Lesotho.  Bountiful Hope Foundation is committed to providing the orphans and vulnerable children of Lesotho the opportunity to go to school.  The tuition scholarships provided by Bountiful Hope Foundation are specifically awarded to the orphan and vulnerable students beginning at grade 8 (referred to in Lesotho as “Form A”). 


For most of these orphans, the chance to continue schooling is the one hope that they have to overcome the cycle of of poverty and the loss of their parents.  Being able to go to school with financial and emotional support helps them believe that someone indeed cares for them.  For many, this gesture plants a seed of hope that they are not forgotten and helps them feel recognized, supported, and worthwhile.


Informal Education:  Bountiful Hope Foundation believes in educating the whole person and runs an annual week-long camp/retreat for the students that are currently receiving tuition scholarships.  During this camp, past Bountiful Hope Foundation learners (who have completed their high school studies) give back by sharing their stories and offer support which leads to high impact change. The following are the life-skills that are components of the Informal Education Camp/Retreat; communication, community-building skills, grief and loss work, empathy, gender equity, dealing with peer-pressure, leadership empowerment, and recreation.


Support and Guidance:  Bountiful Hope Foundation has hired a former BH orphan, Francis, who completed his studies and received training in social work counseling.  This is significant as the current BH orphans and vulnerable learners can see an example of tangible hope.  Francis' role is to meet regularly with the BH orphans and vulnerable students, making site visits at the schools they attend.  Currently, Francis is working with 85 orphans in about 21 different schools.  Francis encourages, monitors, and advocates for the sponsored youth.  Since Francis knows what it takes to successfully make it through school as an orphan in Lesotho, he offers the empathy, wisdom, and experience that the orphans need to persevere.  

Governance:  Bountiful Hope Foundation is a registered NGO in the country of Lesotho.  All monies and accounts are governed by Bountiful Hope Foundation in the U.S. and in Lesotho.  Payments are made from the fund directly to the schools in care of each orphan. 

Tuition and Fees

Donate - Bountiful Hope Education Program

Sponsor a Child

  • Complete Sponsorship Package ($500) per year ($41 per month).

         If you would like to be enrolled into the Correspondence  Sponsorship Program, please email us at 

Your Full Sponsorship provides:

  • School fees for high school (Form A – Form E [ Grade 8 – Grade 12])

  • A new school uniform (uniforms are mandatory)

  • New shoes every two years

  • Exam fees for the national exams in Form C and Form E

  • Textbooks and Supplies

  • New Backpack when Student starts the Sponsorship

  • Regular school visits from Bountiful Hope staff to discuss academic goals and to provide psychosocial support when challenges arise.

  • Annual retreat/camp – which provides the child a chance to enjoy educational workshops, recreation, crafts, food, fun, and a rare opportunity to be with other youth that face similar challenges. This program brings about high impact change as the former Bountiful Hope Students come to the camps to share their stories of hope.

  • Life Skills learned at the informal educational component of the camp includes; Communication, Community building skills, Grief and Loss Work, Empathy, Gender Equality, Peer Pressure topics, and Leadership empowerment.


"Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world."           

Thank you for choosing to Sponsor a Child!


Two sponsored siblings (Joyce and Steven) at St. Joseph's High School in Maseru, Lesotho,

Two sponsored siblings (Joyce and Steven) at St. Joseph's High School in Maseru, Lesotho,