Bountiful Hope Economic Development Program

When we started 13 years ago, our mission was to help the vulnerable people of Lesotho through education and, if possible, equip them with job skills and economic support. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, BH has been able to provide a small-scale economic development opportunity to ‘Mapoulo Peeane (see below).  This opportunity is empowering for the vulnerable in Lesotho (especially women) who can and will create change in their country as they use their talents to inspire hope.  

Catering for Change

'Mapoule Peeane


‘Mapoulo Peeane is a remarkable, creative, and resilient woman. ‘Mapoulo became a mom as a teenager and lacked any employable skills. She was educated by the Good Shepherd Sisters and learned basic catering and mothering skills at their Center for teen moms.  During that time, ‘Mapoulo realized her talents and was determined to go as far as she could in order to provide for her daughter.  After graduating, she continued her vocational education on her own and she worked tirelessly to improve her skills.  Now, 6 years later, ‘Mapoulo has become a successful caterer in Maseru, even catering to the U.S. Embassy!  Being a teen mom, this extraordinary young woman has overcome tremendous odds as well. 

Her determination and spirit are truly unique and special. Please keep in mind that we are frequently presented with proposals and it is extremely rare that we act on them. E ither we do not have the funds or the proposal does not meet the standards that we set.  ‘Mapoulo is different.  She is extraordinary and her goal is to build a business that employs as many vulnerable and marginalized people as possible, including other teen moms.  Her work could truly have a far-reaching domino effect. 

Thanks to many generous sponsors of the Economic Development Program, in 2016 ‘Mapoulu bought necessary equipment to expand her catering business. ‘Mapoulo is a beacon of hope to other teen moms and to many vulnerable girls in Lesotho.

If you would like to receive ‘Mapoulo’s “wish list” for items that are still needed as she is growing her catering business and/or wish to receive updates about her progress, please email us at  If you would like to donate, please click here. 

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